Integral / Spiral Dynamics Tele-Seminar is a bold learning adventure that opens a brilliant new vision for coaches, leaders and all artisans of change. Ken Wilber’s Integral (AQAL) map along with Spiral Dynamics currently provide the most cogent and inclusive perspectival overview on personal, professional and global change – a true theory of everything! Transformative, powerful, practical.

Chicago, London, Dallas, Vail, Barcelona, San Francisco, DC, Oslo, and now... YOUR HOME!

Kulu Sadira has delivered this rich Integral SD learning journey to audiences world-wide, to rave reviews. His skillful ability to combine wisdom with humor, and head with heart, enables the sophisticated Integral matrix to come vibrantly alive and be usefully relevant in everyone's life. In this seminar you will receive the tools, practices and resources for applying the Integral Vision.


SESSION 1: Learn how to effectively mobilize your energy around life's Four Vital Dimensions (Psycho-spiritual growth and development, Bio-physical cultivation and healing, Cultural-familial beliefs and assumptions, Social-environmental systems and institutions). How does this four quadrant, integral view bring new awareness, balance and aliveness into relationships, work and leadership?

SESSION 2: Learn to recognize and integrate the Eight Core Streams of our development for personal and professional assessment and growth. How can my policy of "no line left behind" increase individual effectiveness, team efficiency and organizational excellence?

SESSION 3: Learn how to renew and embrace the Five Adaptive Stages of evolutionary unfolding. How does understanding Spiral Dynamics enhance our lives personally, organizationally and politically?

SESSION 4: What are the important contributions (and limitations) of Typology, from Soul Type and Myers Briggs to Astrology, the Enneagram and Blood Type? Here we also gain Integral's insight into Masculine / Feminine types and perspectives and; finally, the far-reaching Integral insights into spiritual States of Awakening.

We'll engage in rousing open dialog in the final section of each session. Simple, elegant charts and streamlined, clear outlines will be emailed to participants so that the learning is natural, logical, easy and FUN!

For many of us, there are few opportunities to engage these visionary issues in a group setting, in an integral space. An essential dimension of learning to see from the integral matrix is taking up the facets of the model in conversations with like minded people; a virtual integral salon. This tele-seminar is an opening for 2nd tier conversation and the experience of being met at that level.

Please email or call Kulu with any questions you might have regarding the tele-seminar.



“I highly recommend Kulu as a teacher, presenter, mentor, and coach. He's as integral as they come, and as talented as any I've experienced. He offers a wonderful opportunity to experience some incredible, inexpensive, and high level engagement with Integral - Spiral Dynamics.”
-- Tom Bepler CIC, Santa Cruz, CA


"Kulu brings a broad understanding of the integral vision blended with a generous and skillful facilitating style. People get integral very quickly. I always recommend his presentations."
-- Steve Self, ICD.



Kulu Sadira is a featured presenter with Don Beck's SDi, Leadership Call of Oslo, Edges Learning Community (ECC), Institute for Integral Development, Strozzi Graduate Forum, DDJ Myers and CTI Leadership Program. He adapts and streamlines the Integral / Spiral Dynamics model without diluting the core concepts originated by Ken Wilber and Don Beck.




"Ken Wilber is by far the most important person I am aware of on the planet right now, doing work that is setting in motion changes, on all levels, that will reverberate throughout history.”
-- David Sunfellow, President / Founder NHNE



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$165 for the Jan-Feb 07 Tele-Seminar.