Kulu’s compassionate, “hands-on” facilitation approach creates an atmosphere of harmony and respect, combining humor with wisdom and intellect with heart. As a life-long learner, and passionate integralist, his broad-based, eclectic studies have included intensive training with Virginia Satir, John Bradshaw, Robert Bly, Don Beck, State of Colo. ADAD certification program, Naropa’s Shambala meditation training as well as an eight year personal immursion in the Integral theory and teaching of Ken Wilber.

During his residence in Aspen, Colo. from 1975-1995, Kulu had the privilege to work with world-class entertainers such as John Denver, Jimmy Buffet, Kenney Loggins, Tanya Tucker, B.B. King, Taj Mahal, Glenn Frey and Cher. He has studied with indigenous music masters such as Olitunji, Mamady Keita, Chris Berry and many others.

Based in Durango, Colorado with his wife Lori, he is in demand by diverse international organizations including corporations, leadership training programs, public and private service providers, personal empowerment seminars, youth corrections facilities, universities, and a broad variety of associations, conferences, and retreats.

Kulu’s work has received attention in the Denver Post, TIME magazine and a variety of local and regional media outlets.

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Current and former clients include:

Johns Manville Corp.
Don Beck’s SDi
Omni International
Strozzi Institute Graduate Forum
Edges Learning Community (ECC)
The Leadership Call (Oslo)
US Dept. of the Interior
eBay Inc.
Putumayo Records Corp.
DDJ Meyers Inc.
CTI International Leadership Program
University of California, Berkeley
University of Denver
Institute for Integral Development
Earthbound Trading Inc.
Roland Meinl Corp. (Germany)
Rite of Passage Inc.
Team Diagnostic Inc.