Building a culture of trust and mutuality is vital for dynamic and innovative teams. World Beat Circle provides a high-powered, bodily-felt reference for team members to utilize in building a co-active “playing field,” while encouraging individuals to take risks in exercising creative, multi-level problem solving and leadership. Kulu engages teams with a variety of rhythmic games, exercises and group-generated drum grooves. This presentation is ideal for both retreats and conferences.

"Well received by a diverse group of employees. We highly recommend Kulu for educational and entertaining ventures" -Sharon Cole, Supervisory Administrative Specialist, U.S. Dept. of Interior.

"I loved all the wonderful moments you led. You are masterful at creating an atmosphere in which people can get out of their heads and into their bodies, and have fun fun fun. Thank you for making the our experience really terrific."
Madeleine Homan, Trainer, Ken Blanchard Companies. Author, "Leverage Your Best and Ditch the Rest"

"Wow, what a great feeling... A dynamic and powerful addition to our training."
-Mark Purcell, Health Coach Int'l - Toronto.

"Kulu's work has a power that transcends cultural barriers. As we dissolved into the Rhythm of the Universe, we were led to a place of pure awareness, where language, skin color and cultural traits became irrelevant." -Hide Enomoto, Founder CTI Japan

"Kulu is an ideal addition to our year long leadership program. His delivery style sets a comfotable and safe environment, and his skill keeps things moving. The work he does with rhythm and drumming frees up a wide range of expression and aliveness."  -Karen Kimsey-House, Co-Founder Co-Active Space Leadership Program and Coaches Training Institute



Building strong, compassionate leadership is an integral affair. The Gateways© program emphasizes the importance of developing capacities along a broad range of “intelligences”. The Integral model provides the framework for Kulu’s guided exploration of whole-being leadership that includes awareness of the Four Dimensions: Personal Consciousness, Cultural Worldviews, Neuro-chemical Patterns and Societal Systems. Spiral Dynamics offers the developmental context for reclaiming the fragmented aspects of our emotional being. Gateways© balances cognitive and kinesthetic learning modalities, offering participants an embodied reference for the renewal and reintegration of dissociated, primal instincts and capacities. This comprehensive and powerful leadership presentation is ideal for trainings, retreats and educational conferences.

"Kulu's dynamic, engaging and masterful presentation enhanced and illuminated the Somatic concepts at the core of the work at Strozzi Institute. He set a mood and tempo in which my participants were able to connect with themselves and each other with true heart and soul. I highly regard and unequivocally recommend his program to organizations involved in the fields of leadership, coaching and integrative/personal growth."
-Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D., President, Strozzi Institute

"I had not experienced drumming before so was a skeptic, but the Great Kulu changed my mind! His humility, patience, fun, open systems and magnetic energy helped transform my group. Since I work with the Spiral Dynamics model, he was able to connect drumming, singing and other boundary-driven expressions to simulate the up-spiral vMeme codes. Here was an excellent use of multiple intelligences to impact the whole systems within individuals, and various groupings."
-Don Edward Beck, Founder/Director Spiral Dynamics Integral


The Integral / Spiral Dynamics (AQAL) model can be rather complex for the uninitiated. Many people are intrigued, attracted or simply curious, and at the same time somewhat intimidated by the unfamiliar constructs or language. Kulu’s Bones of Integral both de-mystifies and streamlines the Integral matrix without diluting the essence of the core concepts (bones) as conceived by Ken Wilber and Don Beck. Using a variety of kinesthetic and conceptual modalities, Kulu creates an atmosphere that balances creativity, relaxation and sharp focus. Participants come away with a clear, broad overview as well as new tools for the practical application of Integral consciousness in their lives.

"If you want to study Integral Leadership, here is the formula: Begin with a presenter who has engaged in integral practices for many years, add passion, delight, and the ability to clearly articulate concepts and carry participants into new territory; stir it all up with multiple intelligence based facilitation to create an experience crackling with aliveness and open learning. Kulu's wisdom of group process, amazing musical intelligence, facilitation of embodiment, and his passion for Integral / Spiral Dynamics create a positively stimulating and dynamic learning environment for leaders!"
-Kate Grace MacElveen, Ph.D., Senior Trainer - ATA Resources

"Kulu Sadira presents one of the most uniquely effective workshops that I am aware of for teaching the concepts of Integral Philosophy and Spiral Dynamics as adult development models. He has a deep understanding of both topics joined with a lifetime of teaching under his belt. I am somewhat of a veteran of both Integral and Spiral having been using the principles in my coaching practice as well as teaching it to coaches for several years and must say that "The Bones of Integral" is a wonderful introduction to the material as well as a magnification of it for those that are already familiar with these models. I would recommend the workshop to anyone interested in human potential."
-Dan Petersen, Founder, Edges Learning Community and Sage Canyon Project,


Building unity through diversity is key for cohesive, co-operative student bodies and healthy, sustainable communities. World Beat Circle brings the unique expression of the individual together with the imperative for service of the group rhythm. This combination of individuality and communion provides a “dynamic tension” that promotes resilience, respect and richness. Kulu guides students and communities with a variety of stories, songs and group-generated drum grooves. This presentation is ideal for student orientation, assemblies or in-class programs.

"World Beat Rhythm Circle was a huge hit at Freshman Orientation Days. The feeling of celebration and connectedness had a wonderful impact on this diverse group of new students" -Christina Raviel, Activities Director, Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado.

"I considered your workshop to be the highlight of our conference." -Robert Granfield, Assoc. Professor, Univ. of Denver, Dept. of Sociology.

"At the 2001 Latino Conference everyone had a smile on their Kulu leads people into their primal past, it makes them reflect on their future." 
-Bob Berg, Program Director, Wyoming Public Radio


Kids need a safe and constructive outlet for the expression of anger, grief and other strong emotions. World Beat Circle provides a “cool” space for a creative, ritualized and entertaining exploration of these important psychological components that are often repressed or neglected in the maturation process. Kulu provides these young populations a nurturing and sound structure that balances their need for full expression along with healthy boundaries. His use of stories, movement, song and group-generated drum grooves helps create an atmosphere akin to “rites of passage”. This type of presentation is ideal for “at-risk” programs or agencies, and correctional facilities – both youth and adult.

"Your session received a rating of 5.0 on a 5 point (5 being the highest). Your knowledge and experience were key to the conference's success" -Kathy Akerlund, Conference Chair, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division, Colorado Dept. of Human Services.

"It is such a marvelous thing to see a diverse group joining together to create rhythm and sound. You did a remarkable job with such a large group and engaging the interest of even those children who have a rather short attention span." -Gayle Davidson, Executive Director, Partners, Montrose, Colorado.

"Kulu's sessions have allowed students an avenue for self expression seldom seen in correctional settings. He contributes to change in the students he teaches." -Scott Shick, Director, Robert Denier Correctional Facility.